About Us

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Let us think Productivity

In today's competitive business productivity has great importance. Select the machine, which gives best quality high production rate, low wastage at optimum price. Energy efficient machine is today's need.

We have named our product as CENTER That is we understand the customer requirements deeply upto the centre and make it possible through our latest design software used on computer and through our innovative manufacturing technology. We have technically qualified and skilled persons to make it success. Our customers are suppliers of well-known national and multinational companies.

Strategy :

Customer focused. Driven by customer's feed back. Ability to Build special machine, it suit customer's special needs.

Strength :

Run by professional graduate engineers. Machines designed on computers. Extensively use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for critical components.

Experience :

More then 20 years of experience in manufacturing of Printing & Packaging machinery.

Facility :

CNC Boring Machine, Lathe machines, Drill machine, Radial drill machine, Hydraulic press, Bench grinder etc.