Inspection Rewinder


Available in Different Models :
  • RHI – 4000 / RHI – 5000

  • Web width available: 1100mm, 1300mm, 1500mm

  • Rotational HMI to ease of operation.

  • Memorize position stop.

  • Reduce wastage of final product.

Options :
  • 100% defect detection system

  • Edge trimming section

  • Web VideoWeb Video

The inspection Rewinding machine is used extensively
for the inspection and editing of printed substrate.

Shaft less unwinder and rewinder for easy loading &
unloading of reels.

Machine runs in both directions forward and reverse.

User to stop and bring back the defect.

Salvage rewind station to discard the waste material.

Manual inspection through a full width stroboscope with
colour mark sensor.